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Praying for our Pastoral Search
Throughout the ages, God has called leaders for His people.  Let us join together in prayer, seeking God’s will for our future, confident that He will guide us as we make decisions about who is called to shepherd us.


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Pastor Nate Appointed Interim Lead Pastor
The Leadership Council has appointed Pastor Nate to be the interim lead pastor following the announcement that Pastor George was stepping down from his role as senior pastor.  Having served as the associate pastor since 2007, Pastor Nate is ready and excited to lead the church through this time of transition.

According to Pastor Nate, "The church is God's chosen instrument for advancing His kingdom in the world and revealing His glory. He takes special interest in its health and well-being.  Remember Jesus' words, 'I will build my church.'  He is building a great church among us!  I am filled with tremendous anticipation and great hope for our future together."
If you have any questions about how the church is being led during this interim period, please do not hesitate to call Pastor Nate at 322-8824 or email him at pastornate@miltonsdb.org.

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Summer 2015

On May 9th, at the end of each worship service, Pastor George announced that as of May 30, 2015 he would be stepping down as Senior Pastor of the Milton SDB Church after 24+ years of service.  He will be teaching at Judson University and pastoring a church in Elgin IL.

While directing a summer camp at Camp Holsten in 1990, I received a phone call from Ivan Fitzrandolph.  He asked if I would be willing to fill out a survey for the Milton church’s pastoral search committee.  I told him I was happy in Battle Creek, and had no desire to change churches.  His reassuring voice convinced me to do it ‘as a favor’ to him.

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May 2015

In November 1840, the United States elected a new president, and Seventh Day Baptists in Milton formed a new church. 175 years later, the church lives on. Five months later, the president was dead. 

Obviously, the Milton Seventh Day Baptist Church would have been expected to last longer than the presidency of William Henry Harrison, but Harrison's actual term is the shortest ever. He died a single month after his inauguration, on April 4, 1841.

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April 2015

Jesus is alive! That’s great news every day, not just during the Easter season. I can’t help wondering, however, that among the “Happy Easters” and the “He is alives” we forget to take the next step and experience the living Christ. Because He lives not only can I face tomorrow, but I can know him today in a new and fresh way. Because the Spirit of God lives in those of us who trust in Christ, our spirits call out for him.  

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