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Bible Discovery

Bible Discovery is what we call our Bible studies which use the inductive method of studying God's Word. It is a proven way of unlocking the meaning of the Bible in a way so that everyone, whether you are studying the Bible for the very first time or have been studying it for years, can learn something new.  Above all we know that Bible Discovery helps people to encounter Jesus Christ and be changed.
The Bible Discovery process is divided into three stages:

answers the question: "What does the text say?"  This is where the facts of the passage are highlighted. 


answers the question: "What does the text mean?" This is where the questions that naturally arise from the observation phase are answered.


answers the question: "How does the text speak to my life?"  This is where through the process of prayer and discussion action steps are formulated which are typically acted upon during the following 2 or 3 days.  



Here are a few resources to help you as you start your discovery of the Bible.

Our Bible Discovery Facebook Group tracks our studies and highlights some of the things we have been learning.  Check it out!
This commentary is a great resource for finding historical, cultural and literary background information.  You can find the majority of this book online here.   
Biblegateway.com is a powerful tool for study.  It allows you to make rapid searches in a wide variety of versions and languages.
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