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How is it that two people can experience the same thing and yet have drastically different perspectives and outcomes from it? The answer is a person’s mindset. The way that we think makes a huge difference in our lives. This fall we will be exploring the mindset which makes a difference as we look closely at the book of Philippians. The author, Paul the apostle, will show us how his mindset was impacted by the Lord Jesus Christ and what a tremendous transformation that was for him and can be for us also.
If you are ready to reset your mindset, then this study through the book of Philippians is for you. Join us each week and allow your mindset to be reset through the truth of scripture.

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"And all who believed were together and had all things in common." (Acts 2:44)

This was perhaps the greatest miracle that God performed in the early days of the first Christians. On the outside at Pentecost we could say, yeah they were all Jews. Yes, however, they were from all over the known world with different culture and language, different skin color, different economic status and political ideologies.
They were together. The literal translation is “they were on the same”. We want to end that phrase with the word “page” because for us that means that we have the same purpose. We are using the same playbook.


These new believers had all things in common because they first of all had one thing in common – Jesus. Through their common faith in Christ they became one in spirit as a result of sharing the same Holy Spirit. Because they believed the message of Christ they were filled with the presence and power of the Spirit who then caused them to come together in spirit and purpose. 
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